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1994 - State Attorney
1992 - Law Degree, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE), Madrid

Law Professor at the University of Pontificia de Comillas (Madrid)

Founding Partner of González-Bueno SLP
CEO of the Notary Certification Agency
Partner of IberForo Madrid
Undersecretary of State at the Science and Technology Ministry
Member of the Board of Directors of SEPI (State Industrial Ownership Corporation)
Undersecretary of State at the Industry and Energy Ministry
Director and President of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
State Attorney

Carlos has been listed by Chambers & Partners since 2013.

Chambers Global 2018, Spain [Dispute Resolution: Most in demand arbitrators]: Carlos González-Bueno (…) is a frequent arbitrator on international energy and construction cases. He has experience both as president and as party-appointed arbitrator in ad hoc and administered arbitration tribunals, including those heard before the ICC, CAM and TAB. Sources praise his language skills and say: "He is a very capable and talented lawyer and an exceptional arbitrator".

Chambers Global 2018, Spain [Intellectual Property]: "Expert litigator" Carlos González-Bueno (…) is well regarded for his work on behalf of clients such as Mattel. His practice spans trade mark registration, protection and defence and sees him acting before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the Community Trademark Office. One client enthuses: "He is a great communicator, strategic and able to address really practical considerations on a very tight timetable. He also offers very solid advice".

Arbitrator of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) 
International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) International Panel of Arbitrators
London Court for International Arbitration's (LCIA) database of neutrals
Vienna International Arbitration Centre's (VIAC) List of Practitioners in International Arbitration
Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA) arbitrator of the panel
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Centre's List of Arbitrators
Madrid Court of Arbitration's (CAM) list of Arbitrators 
Civil and Mercantile Court of Arbitration's (CIMA) International Arbitrators List
Arbitrator of the Spanish Court of Arbitration (CEA)
Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB) arbitrator of the panel

Member of the ICC commission on arbitration and ADR
Member of the Board of Directors the Spanish Arbitration Club (CEA)
Member of the Spanish Arbitration Club (CEA)
Member of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM)
Member of the International Arbitration Institute Paris (IAI)
Member of the International Trademark Association (INTA)

International arbitration congress Barcelona: “witness non-protection”: efficient evidentiary hearings (10/2018, Barcelona).
I Conferencia sobre Arbitraje y Mediación en Arte y Patrimonio Cultural: mediación y arbitraje en la resolución de conflictos relacionados con Arte y Patrimonio Cultural (06/2018, Madrid).
III Foro Español Arbitraje ICC: El arbitraje en temas Tributarios (09/2017, Madrid)
Korean Commercial Arbitration Board: Construction arbitration in Latin American context (09/2017, Seoul)
II Congreso de la Abogacía Madrileña: Eficiencia y diversidad en el arbitraje (04/2017, Madrid)
Centro Internacional de Arbitraje, Mediación y Negociación (CIAMEN): Conducción eficiente del arbitraje comercial internacional (12/2016, Madrid)
Real Academia de la Jurisprudencia y Legislación: La renuncia a la acción de anulación del Laudo (11/2016, Madrid)
XI Congreso del Club Español de Arbitraje: How might the TTIP affect the enforcement of awards? (06/2016, Madrid)
Association for International Arbitration: Security for Costs and Third Party Funding (06/2016, Brussels)
II Open de Arbitraje: La función judicial de apoyo y control (05/2016, Madrid)
L’arbitratge al Principat d’Andorra: una oportunitat irrenunciable (04/2016, Andorra la Bella)
Corte de Arbitraje de Madrid: los daños en el arbitraje (04/2016, Madrid)
Club Español del Arbitraje: Arbitraje de Inversión: Expropiación indirecta y ejercicio legítimo del poder regulatorio (12/2015, Madrid)
Corte de Arbitraje de Madrid: III Congreso de jueces y árbitros: amicus curiae (11/2015, Madrid)
FIDE: la especialización judicial en el arbitraje (11/2015, Madrid)
FIDE: arbitraje en la actividad constructora (07/2015, Madrid)

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